Volume 1: Body Manipulations Volume 2: Locks & Holds Volume 3: Holds & Takedowns
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P.C.T. Volume 1: Body Manipulations;

P.C.T. Volume 1: Body Manipulations

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    P.C.T. Volume 1: Body Manipulations is the start of this series. This instructional martial arts video series will take you from "the interview" to complete neutralization of the threat. Here we will explore tactics from the little known Filipino Martial Arts sub-system of Dumog.

    Dumog (doo'mog) is a system of Filipino wrestling. Dumog techniques are comprised of a variety of pushes, pulls, weight shifts, and joint wrenches designed to move an opponent. In Volume 1 we will look at ways to "eject" or move an uncooperative subject using dumog-based tactics.

    Dumog has proven to be a very effective and efficient means of gaining control of, or moving an unruly subject that is easy to learn and apply. In this video I will share the actual dumog-based techniques that have worked for me in neutralizing dangerous situations or individuals throughout the years. I believe the tactics in this video will work for most anyone regardless of size, stature, or gender.

    So whether you are a bouncer, bodygaurd, security agent, or law enforcement officer the tactics in this video will give you the proven edge you need to perform your job effectively, efficiently, professionally, and above all safely!

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    P.C.T. Pack: Vols. 1-3
    P.C.T. Pack!
    Vols: 1, 2 & 3



    Viewer Comments...

    "Excellent video! Sound technique and very good progression."...

    -Guro Dan Inosanto
    Marina Del Rey, CA

    "I love your dvds man. The best I have seen teaching control and restraint techniques. These actually work! "...Read more >>

    -D. Salter
    Vulnerable Adult Aide

    "...There are loads of guys coming into the security industry all the time. They need training, and this DVD would be a great source for them"...Read more >>
    Read full review at http://www.CQBServices.com/

    -Dennis Martin
    High-security Specialist & Executive Protection Instructor
    C.Q.B. Services
    Liverpool, UK

    Volume 3: Holds & Takedowns DVD
    P.C.T. Volume 3:
    Holds & Takedowns


    Learn to bring the subject down quickly, effeciently, and safely.

    Volume 2: Locks & Hold DVD
    P.C.T. Volume 2:
    Locks & Holds


    Learn a Kali lock flow that will allow you to quickly gain control.

    About the Author:
    Rudy Rogers is a martial artist of over 25 years. He is an instructor in the Filipino Martial Arts, Lee Jun-Fan Gung Fu (JKD), & Thai-Boxing, under Rick Faye (MKG Int'l), Guro Dan Inosanto (Inosanto Academy), & Ajarn Chai Sirisute (TBA), He is also a successful competative ring-fighter. He has worked as a bouncer (bar security) for over 13 years & has certification under Dennis Martin (C.Q.B. Int'l) & former Federal Air Marshall Marcus Wynne in Executive Protection.

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