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P.C.T. Volume 2: Locks & Holds;

P.C.T. Volume 2: Locks & Holds

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    In Volume 2: Locks & Holds, a Kali lock-flow is introduced and discussed. Kali is synonymous with the terms for the Filipino Martial Arts Escrima or Arnis. It literally means "body motion". A Kali Lock-Flow is highlighted in the late Sifu Larry Hartsell's Jeet June Do: Counterattack Grappling Counters and Reversals (c. 1984).

    The flow featured in this volume is a modified version of the one featured in Sifu Hartsell's book, but the concept is the same. The lock-flow is included here, because it is usually the next step towards neutralization once a subject has escaped or resisted attempts at Body Manipulations highlighted in Volume 1 of this series.

    In a "situation", it is very important to hone the ability to flow with, or follow your opponent. A lock-flow goes from one lock, or wrench to the next, based on the energy that is given from your opponent as they try to escape, or negate your efforts. The ability to feel what your opponent is going to do next keeps you at least one step ahead of them. If the lock-flow shown in this video is trained diligently, and with the proper mind-set, you could be up to 3-6 moves ahead in your next confrontation with a non-compliant subject. This will give you an invaluable tactical edge for neutralizing a threat!

    The Kali lock-flow has proven to be a very effective and efficient means of gaining control of a resistant subjects; keeping you always, at least, one move ahead of your opponent throughout an engagement. In this video, I will share roughly 20 different locks (give or take a few variations) that have worked for me in neutralizing dangerous situations or individuals throughout the years. I believe the tactics in this video will work for most anyone regardless of size, stature, or gender.

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    Viewer Comments...

    "Excellent video! Sound technique and very good progression."...

    -Guro Dan Inosanto
    Marina Del Rey, CA

    "I love your dvds man. The best I have seen teaching control and restraint techniques. These actually work! "...Read more >>

    -D. Salter
    Vulnerable Adult Aide

    "This DVD is one of those rare gems amongst martial arts videos! It speaks to both the beginner and the experienced practitioner"...Read more >>

    -George Larson
    Former Head of Security (The Lounge Nightclub - Mpls)
    Tom Brown Jr. Tracker School Martial Arts Instructor

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    Volume 2: Locks & Hold DVD
    P.C.T. Volume 2:
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    Learn a Kali lock flow that will allow you to quickly gain control.

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    P.C.T. Volume 1:
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    Learn to quickly, efficently, and safely move/remove a subject.

    About the Author:
    Rudy Rogers is a martial artist of over 25 years. He is an instructor in the Filipino Martial Arts, Lee Jun-Fan Gung Fu (JKD), & Thai-Boxing, under Rick Faye (MKG Int'l), Guro Dan Inosanto (Inosanto Academy), & Ajarn Chai Sirisute (TBA), He is also a successful competative ring-fighter. He has worked as a bouncer (bar security) for over 13 years & has certification under Dennis Martin (C.Q.B. Int'l) & former Federal Air Marshall Marcus Wynne in Executive Protection.

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