Volume 1: Body Manipulations Volume 2: Locks & Holds Volume 3: Holds & Takedowns
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P.C.T. Volume 3: Holds & Takedowns;

P.C.T. Volume 3: Holds & Takedowns

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    In Volume 3: Holds & Takedowns we will draw primarily from Silat, an Indonesian pugilistic/grappling art known for its ecclectic yet efficient forward-facing takedowns and throws. We will also explore The 3 Principles of a Good Takedown, and The 3 Prinicples of a Good Hold or Restraint as it relates to securing a subject for detention or arrest.

    In this video, flowing through the progression of "The Interview" to body manipulation to a lock or hold, I will share roughly 10 different takedowns and their accompanying holds (give or take a few variations) that have worked for me in neutralizing dangerous situations or individuals throughout the years. I believe the tactics in this video will work for most anyone regardless of size, stature, or gender.

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    P.C.T. Pack: Vols. 1-3
    P.C.T. Pack!
    Vols: 1, 2 & 3



    Viewer Comments...

    "Excellent video! Sound technique and very good progression."...

    -Guro Dan Inosanto
    Marina Del Rey, CA

    "I love your dvds man. The best I have seen teaching control and restraint techniques. These actually work! "...Read more >>

    -D. Salter
    Vulnerable Adult Aide

    "This DVD is one of those rare gems amongst martial arts videos! It speaks to both the beginner and the experienced practitioner"...Read more >>

    -George Larson
    Former Head of Security (The Lounge Nightclub - Mpls)
    Tom Brown Jr. Tracker School Martial Arts Instructor

    Volume 3: Holds & Takedowns DVD
    P.C.T. Volume 3:
    Holds & Takedowns


    Learn to bring the subject down quickly, effeciently, and safely.

    Volume 2: Locks & Hold DVD
    P.C.T. Volume 2:
    Locks & Holds


    Learn a Kali lock flow that will allow you to quickly gain control.

    About the Author:
    Rudy Rogers is a martial artist of over 25 years. He is an instructor in the Filipino Martial Arts, Lee Jun-Fan Gung Fu (JKD), & Thai-Boxing, under Rick Faye (MKG Int'l), Guro Dan Inosanto (Inosanto Academy), & Ajarn Chai Sirisute (TBA), He is also a successful competative ring-fighter. He has worked as a bouncer (bar security) for over 13 years & has certification under Dennis Martin (C.Q.B. Int'l) & former Federal Air Marshall Marcus Wynne in Executive Protection.

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